once apon a time helezliton recount us a story of a patrick. here is the full story

On a bright spring day, Patrick the green Zlitonian was walking in the street very happily. He had just walked out from the zlibar where he could get free zlivegatable juice and do you know why? Coz his name was Patrick.

Indeed, this day was not a usual day. I’m sure you’ve already guessed what this is all about. Of course, it was Saint-Patrick’s day. Everyone was in effervescence, green color was everywhere. Small goblins and little imps (leprechans) with a long red beard and all dressed in green were jumping and offering presents to the walkers.

Patrick was watching at all these happy faces, these green shirts, pants and hats and suddenly realised that he had no idea of why his name was honored this way. And at the right moment he was thinking this, all the environment became vague and Patrick felt as if he was taken back in space. When eventually he could see clearly, everything had changed.

He immediately understood what had happened: he was brought back in past. He tried to ask people where and when he was but nobody seemed to notice or even hear him. Patrick shouted in the ear of someone who didn’t even blinked eyes. But he saw this young boy walking along the quay of the port where they were. Patrick decided to follow him. Suddenly, he saw the boy being kidnapped by pirats (apparently Irish, according to their peculiar accent) and nobody was seeing it. Patrick hurled but nobody turned heads. Nevertheless, he took the steps of the pirats: he wanted to see what would this boy become. After a long boat trip and a sale of the boy as a slave, Patrick saw the boy become a man and within 6 years developing a huge sense of christianity. One night, Patrick saw him having a dream apparently very appealing and the day after he was away from his masters, on a boat which brought them back in England then in France. Patrick this young man becoming a priest very rapidly and leave again for an unknown destination.

They finally both arrived in Ireland, and at this right moment Patrick understood who this man was and why he was following him from the beginning: it was the future Saint Patrick, the one we were today celebrating in whole Ireland and lots of other places of the world.

Patrick followed the priest all over Ireland, who was himself apparently following a mission: he converted every Irish people, had churches, monasteries and schools built. He was admired everywhere for his kindness, his courage, his humility.

During one of the conversion sessions, Patrick saw where the symbol of the clover leaf came from: the future saint was showing the principle of Trinity on a clover leaf. It’s around this period that apparently he took the Latin and Gaelic name of Pädraig or Patrick. Patrick saw all the celtics druids becoming priests thanks to the influence and the conviction of Pädraig. Eventually, Patrick accompanied Pädraig to his death on a 17th of March at the age of about 75. All Ireland was now Christian, it was the most peaceful conversion ever seen in the world: no martyrs, monasteries and priest everywhere.

All become vague again for Patrick, he was taken back in present. He had realised that he had lived one the most important legends of Ireland, and above all, he now could feast Saint-Patrick’s day with more conviction than ever, knowing what it involved for the country…

Here it is the real story of the Saint-Patrick, I thought that it was important for everyone to know a bit of it.

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