Zliton for Dummies

Hi laddies and gentlemen and welcome on Zliton

you will find on this article all answers (or most of them) to the questions you have on the game.

to start the game, you have to chose a Zlitonian

  • play
  • inscription
  • stage 1 (That’s easy : Your login, mail, password)
  • inscription

An e-mail is sent to you to inform you abour your inscription (this is not mandatory to connect)

  • stage 2
  • connexion
  • Choose your zlitonian (male or female)
  • Give him/her a name (choose an original one, not existing in Zliton otherwise the game will not start.
  • Go

To get the list of already taken names, just go there ===> HERE

The game start

  • login
  • level 1
  • zlitonian

here you will find how to cure, feed, clean your Zlitonian either on the marketplace either in the shop

useful links to take care of your Zlitonian, Zlihen, Zlicow, cultivate your Zlifield or produce Zlipancakes.

and the and dispatched here and there on the site

for the friendship side (most of them in french)

direct links to the forum (fr) : forum in french or mainly in french

Zliton.com – in English

  • Zliton for beginners (Rules, tactics about the game, or if you do not understand something on the site usage)
  • All you need is Zliton to speak about zliton or not , Zligames, …
  • Zlipub Roleplay : write stories about Zliton or participate to RolePlay with other players.

Zliton.com – Général (French)


  • Le Zlibar(fr) (write stories about Zliton or participate to RolePlay with other players)
  • Relations(fr) (friendship, dating, wedding, divorce, adoption)
  • Le Zlimag(fr) (Official Zliton’s Magazine)

Zliton.com International


  • Suggestions(fr) (to improve the site, the evolution of the game, the forum usage or react on suggestions proposed by other players)
  • Bugs(fr) (for bugs )

And …. mostly important : the Zliton charter (fr)… to read for the comfort of all of us (mainly paragraph III)

The moderators are there to help you at any time ! Enjoy playing Zliton

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